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b855be44a3567f8c96215e9feff3003d98b809f0_480x360If you managed to catch a glimpse of this year’s Super Bowl, you probably also witnessed some pretty captivating commercials. But perhaps none of them were more touching and heartwarming than Dodge’s commercial. As you already know by now, most of the commercials played during the Super Bowl include animals, kids, or other random “weirdness.” However, Dodge’s Super Bowl commercial really helped spread a positive message regarding respect and wisdom.

Essentially, the commercial begins with individuals who are older than 100 (some of them are a little younger). These people talk about powerful advice and tips to carry through life. From here, the commercial sort of turns these people into adrenaline junkies! For example, after giving a heartwarming piece of advice, the women goes on to say, “Live fast, and never, ever forget where you cam from.” It shows Dodge vehicles throughout the commercial as well.

Apparently, the commercial was designed to demonstrate just how wise older individuals could be, but that they can also have a “wild side.” But there’s also one more reason why Dodge chose to have individuals older than 100 on their commercial: it’s because the company itself is more than a century old!

That’s actually pretty cool, and it’s actually funny to think about the fact that many people who drive Dodge vehicles don’t actually know this. Overall, we can all agree that Dodge did a really good job at drawing correlations between their company and the wisdom of our elders.

Since Dodge’s original conception more than 100 years ago, the company has managed to achieve many prominent achievements. Many of the newer cars produced by the company originated from about 1914, and have slowly evolved over the years.

Some of their more popular products have been designed within the last 20 years, including the Dodge Caravan and Dodge Ram lineup. The main reason why these vehicles have gone mainstream is because they offer the perfect balance between safety, performance, and practicality. A Las Vegas Dodge dealer will offer all of the Dodge vehicles you’re interested in.

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to find a reliable vehicle that outperforms the competition in all three areas. When the Dodge brothers created their company a long time back, they were focused on both upgraded technology and cheap pricing in all of their vehicles. These goals have stood the test of time, and today, Dodge continues to act on these goals for customers all around the world. With their vision, the Dodge brothers managed to bring their car company into an already competitive market – and succeed.

The primary message of the commercial is this: take everything as a learning experience. Older individuals aren’t wise because they’re smart per se – they’re wise because they’ve seen in all. Dodge is a car company that has also seen it all, and it’s because of the fact that they’ve seen it all that they are able to consistently deliver budget-friendly vehicles that surpass the expectations of millions of car buyers around the world. Visit Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to check out their quality selection of vehicles.

BN-GK554_0113ra_G_20150113145452Today, Dodge is going out of their way to change the face of their Ram lineup, and they’re doing it in a more literal way than you might think. They’re now focused on making people understand that their truck is a Ram – not a Dodge Ram. The story can be traced all the way back to the conception of the Dodge Ram. Back then the company used the traditional “Ram” symbol on the front of all of their Ram trucks for sale. But as of 2010, the company started to take a different approach all together.

More specifically, they dropped the Ram logo and became to include the word “Ram” instead. Why was this move made? Well, it’s basically one way that Dodge is attempting to create a stronger identity for their Ram. By building a stronger identity for the Ram, they’ll ultimately make more sales for all of their models, including the heavy-duty variants. As a result, their models are now known as the Ram 2500, Ram 3500, etc. Notice that there’s no “Dodge” in the name. Visit Chapman Dodge and you’ll notice this immediately.

It’s been about five years since Dodge made this move, and there are still dealers calling it a Dodge Ram. So, what did the company do to fix this problem? The answer was simple: place the words “Ram” in bold lettering across the front of their trucks (as well as the back of the trucks). It’s important to note that these words are about one foot high and about two and a half feet in length. When purchasing a new Dodge truck, you won’t be able to stop yourself from noticing this new and engaging transition brought upon by the car company.

As far as Ram-brand sales are concerned, they’re on fire – up by about 25 percent in 2014. Getting people to drop “Dodge” from the vehicles has been more than challenging, but as the years progress, they expect it to become progressively easier. It’s funny because according to Google Trends, the phrase “Dodge Ram” is used far more frequently compared to phrases like “Ram 1500.” This shows that there is still a lot of resistance to the change. The main problem is the fact that many buyers today have been around since before the transition, so they’re used to seeing “Dodge” in the vehicle name. Visit a Las Vegas Ram dealer to learn more.

Essentially, the change is going to come when newer generations go to purchase their Ram models. Here’s another example: a Dodge dealer in Forth Worth, Texas has the phrase “Dodge Ram” mentioned a whopping 49 times on their website! If dealers aren’t following protocols, how are customers even going to know that a transition has been made? In short, they won’t be able to.

This is going to be a movement that relies on the help from dealers too. If dealers are still calling their vehicles “Dodge Rams,” then people are going to use the same nomenclature. By putting the word “Ram” on both the front and back of their trucks in big bold letters, the transition should occur quickly within the next decade.

Dodge_Dadeland_SRT_HellcatThe vehicle industry was surprised when they heard that the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat couldn’t hit 200 MPH. What…what? You mean the Challenger Hellcat, the newest and most powerful consumer vehicle in the world, couldn’t exceed this speed? Well, those were the rumors. But all of that came to an end when a video was captured showing the SRT Hellcat hitting an impressive 202 MPH. This led industry experts to question whether the vehicle’s top speed, which was originally 199 MPH, should have in fact been a little more.

When the Dodge SRT Hellcat originally came out, there was no denying its 707 HP engine. But one of the biggest problems that some people had about the vehicle was whether or not it was actually powerful. After all, it did sport a large frame; so using that HP might have proved to be a little difficult. At last, all of these rumors can finally come to an end because we now know that the Challenger SRT Hellcat is race worthy. It’s able to crack the 200 MPH barrier, suggesting that the vehicle’s official top speed is a little “off.”

The video itself showed the Challenger SRT Hellcat racing on the infamous K&N testing facility. On top of that, it shows the vehicle’s speedometer hitting an impressive 202 MPH while in 8th gear. Now, what conclusions can we make from this? First, it isn’t likely that the Challenger SRT Hellcat can hit this speed anywhere else other than this track. After all, there isn’t much open road out there. But this is still very impressive, and isn’t going to deter enthusiasts from getting behind the wheel of this new, sleek, and powerful vehicle. Visit Chapman Dodge to test drive one yourself.

Secondly, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was able to achieve this speed while driving against the wind. Yes, you read that correctly – against the wind. Could the vehicle have possibly achieved a better top speed if the wind conditions had been a little better? It’s difficult to say, but common sense tells us that it probably would have performed much better. Moving all 4,500 pounds of the new Challenger isn’t easy. You need some serious horsepower to be able to do that, so when you hear of a vehicle like this achieving such an outstanding top speed, it really makes you turn your head. Check out Chapman Dodge for a large selection of Dodge Charger inventory.

Even better is the fact that this vehicle is also perfect for everyday use. Its fuel economy is much better than you probably think, and it handles quite well. And since it comes installed with the latest and greatest safety features, you’ll be able to experience a little more piece of mind while on the road. The vehicle is also quite comfortable on the inside, and offers all of the amenities that everyday drivers could ever want or need. This is all the more reason to get your hands on this captivating, powerful, and aesthetically appealing vehicle.


This Sunday, February 15th, Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Las Vegas will be holding a one of a kind silent Sunday sales event at both of their Las Vegas locations.  This unique event allows customers to browse unlocked new and pre-owned vehicles all day Sunday. The prices are visibly marked on tags inside the cars. Potential buyers can grab the tag off the vehicle they want and bring it in on Monday the 16th to get the price listed on the tag.

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The Chapman President’s Day Silent Sale starts 9am Sunday morning.  Get here early and claim the new or pre-owned vehicle you have been looking for.  Chapman Las Vegas 3175 East Sahara, and Chapman Value Center 3470 Boulder Highway.


2015-RAM-2500-Power-Wagon-side-viewIn an attempt to win the truck mileage gauntlet, Dodge has increased the fuel economy of their beloved Ram 1500 EcoDiesel to an impressive 29 MPGs per gallon on the highway. The optional diesel engine on the Ram models will provide drivers with an extra mile per gallon compared to traditional Ram 1500 pickup trucks with the same type of engine. More importantly, though, this move successfully extended the Ram’s fuel economy leadership in the industry, allowing it to compete fiercely with close rivals from Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors.

CEO of the Ram brand, Bob Hegbloom, mentioned in a statement that their new Ram truck “…delivers the highest fuel economy among all pickups in the industry.” Few people can read this statement and not think of it as a big deal. Dodge showcased the Ram’s improvements at the North American International Auto Show. It wanted to make it known that they were going to pursue (and maintain) industry leadership in fuel economy for their pickup trucks. Visit Chapman Dodge to learn more about the future of the Dodge Ram.

Not to mention, all of this has been achieved despite the recent launch of a smaller and lighter version of the Ford F-150, which, with its aluminum body, experiences quality fuel economy (the Dodge Ram still wins). Very few trucks today come close to offering the type of fuel economy that Dodge is offering in their Ram trucks. While Dodge still maintains the record on mileage, all of their vehicles surpass expectations in other areas including interior technology, exterior design, and overall safety.

When Ford introduced their newly designed F-150 later in 2014, many people thought that it would become an industry leader in fuel economy for pickup trucks. After all, it was a whopping 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor. Yet, Dodge still managed to take the lead with a 29 MPG pickup, while the F-150 was only able to get about 26 MPG on the highway. If you look at the facts, there’s no denying that the Ram EcoDiesel is among the best and most popular gasoline-powered pickups today.

In the city, the Ram gets about 21 MPG, which is still very respectable for a pickup truck. Overall, this equates to about 24 MPG combined, which should save a few hundred dollars per year at the pump (or more depending on how much you drive). Granted, diesel gas does cost more than regular fuel, but this shouldn’t take anything away from the premium fuel economy that the Dodge Ram lineup has to offer. Plus, with fuel prices lowering each week, it’s not a bad investment for pickup truck lovers.

The Ram has been gaining a tremendous amount of popularity in recent years. In 2014, Ram pickup sales increased by about 24%, with total vehicle sales sitting right around 440,000. Sales for competing pickup trucks, like the Silverado or F-150, only increased by 2% to 10%, respectively. This data not only demonstrates the popularity of the Dodge Ram, but also its effectiveness and fuel efficiency over the long run.