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imagesDodge certainly had a lot to offer for 2014. With a broader lineup, and more functional vehicles than ever before, they definitely surpassed the expectations of many. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the best Dodge cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2014.

#1: Dodge Avenger

The 2014 Dodge Avenger is well known for its efficiency and performance. Priced starting right around $20,500, it offers a 3.6-liter, V6 engine that manages to produce about 283 horsepower. Fuel economy is about 19 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway, which is respectable. Visit Chapman Dodge Las Vegas to learn more about the Avenger as well as the others on this list.

#2: Dodge Challenger

The 6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine produces about 470 horsepower, something that will definitely allow drivers to commute to their final destination quickly. The vehicle is priced starting right around $26,500, and offers about 14 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway. Fuel economy isn’t perfect, but it isn’t bad either considering the amount of power that you’re compensated with.

#3: Dodge Charger

The 2014 Dodge Charger offers a V6 engine that is quite quick, and starts right around $27,000. Both the Charger and Challenger are priced similarly, and have the same horsepower as well (470 HP). Both vehicles also get the same fuel economy of 14 MPG in the city and 23 MPG on the highway. Check out new Dodge inventory at Chapman Dodge Las Vegas.

#4: Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart is one of the more affordable vehicles on the list. It starts off right around $16,500, and offers spectacular fuel economy of 22 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. It isn’t as powerful as the vehicles above, offering around 184 horsepower. On the outside, the Dodge Dart is actually quite sleek, and features many modern amenities that drivers will be sure to love.

#5: Dodge Durango

Number five on the list for the best Dodge vehicles of 2014 is the Dodge Durango. It offers an efficient engine that produces about 190 horsepower. As far as fuel economy is concerned, drivers should expect to get about 18 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway.

#6: Dodge Grand Caravan

Starting at $21,000, the 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan definitely earned its way onto this list. It offers a beautiful and sleek exterior, a powerful engine with 183 horsepower, and many modern interior amenities. In the city, drivers should expect to get about 17 MPG, and on the highway, about 25 MPG.

#7: Dodge Journey

Last but certainly not least is the 2014 Dodge Journey. The fuel economy for the vehicle is 16 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. The base engine offers about 175 horsepower, and it is a perfect vehicle for families or individuals who are going to be partaking on longer commutes regularly. These vehicles, no doubt, earned their spots on this list of the best Dodge cars of 2014.

2015-dodge-challenger-srt-hellcat_100473531_lWith help from the all-new (and powerful) Charger SRT Hellcat, Dodge has done a good job at shedding their family-car image and merging more closely with the sports car arena. The Hellcat is definitely a hot-rodder’s dream: it exceeds 200 MPH in top speed, offers more than 700 horsepower, and can complete a quarter mile track in less than 12 seconds. The vehicle has been referred to as the fastest production sedan on earth, so Dodge definitely has some bragging rights under their belt.

For a long time, Dodge was dedicated, mostly, to selling family oriented vehicles. The Charger SRT Hellcat changed that by addressing the needs of younger male drivers between the ages of 20 and 30. From one perspective, this might be considered a “risky” bet on Dodge’s part. After all, if gas prices were to surge up again, many Chargers and Challengers would probably end up on a used car lot somewhere. However, as of now, things seem to be going quite well, and the vehicle is actually maintaining its popularity within the industry.

In 2008, Fiat took control over Chrysler. During this time, Dodge was primarily known for their reliable trucks, more specifically, the Dodge Ram. But then the Ram was split into its own brand. For a long time, Dodge was actually referred to as being Chrysler’s “little brother.” They sold a lot of “Ghost” cars, and stayed under the radar. But now things have changed. The Charger Hellcat starts at around $64,000, which is actually quite reasonable considering all of the power that the vehicle has to offer.

While it isn’t expected to sell in record-breaking numbers, it should retain a lot of popularity for the next few years. In fact, this was the same vehicle that Jay Leno gave an unsung war hero in 2014. But this tire-shredder also has a softer side. What do we mean? Basically, the Charger Hellcat comes with two sets of keys: one key provides drivers with access to the engine’s full power. The other limits to vehicle’s power significantly, and was probably designed for parking lot attendants or teenager drivers. Either way, this is considered a rather sophisticated feature for such a “macho” vehicle (which is a good thing).

Most people would probably come to assume that with so much power that the Hellcat probably lacks dramatically in fuel economy. This isn’t entirely true. In fact, the Hellcat offers a respectable 22 MPG, so as long as fuel prices remain where they are, there’s a good chance that fuel efficiency isn’t going to become a deciding factor for the sales of the vehicle. It’s clear to see that Dodge worked on both performance as well as efficiency. Overall, Dodge expects to sell about 600,000 vehicles by 2018, which is quite respectable for a company that was, for so long, underrated in so many ways.