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Dodge SRT Viper GTS and TA For 2014

While Dodge has been dropped from the powerful moniker, instead replaced with the legendary SRT branding, the Viper is a sports car that is unlike any other on the road today. Resurrected in 2013, the Viper was once known as a punishingly brutal car that made its drivers work to push the car to its limits.

Today, the Viper is a little bit more tamed in the GTS model series. To test drive a new Dodge SRT Viper, visit your Dodge Las Vegas Dealership.

The Viper TA—short for Track Attack—hopes to dispel those feelings of mediocrity and tepidness that have crept up with the new Viper. While it isn’t as powerful as the ACRs of yesterday, the Viper TA is virtually a street-legal track car ready to tear up the competition.

The TA starts out as a base Viper, which SRT chose because it is lighter, but builds upon many of the great features from the GTS. The TA gets dual-mode Bilstein dampers, the Advanced Aerodynamics package with carbon-fiber front splitters and rear spoiler and wheels and tires from the optional Track package as standard equipment.

SRT also tweaked the springs and anti-roll bars to be more track-friendly in the TA Viper. A carbon-fiber X-brace replaces the aluminum one under the hood. Sadly, the potent 640-horsepower 8.4-liter V-10 engine receives no upgrades.

The interior is not as flashy as the GTS and base models, eschewing for a more performance and utilitarian fit and finish.

The Dodge SRT Viper TA and GTS starts at over $100,000; be sure to check out Chapman Dodge Las Vegas and their new Dodge inventory for the hottest cars.