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The refreshed 2013 Ram 1500 has more power and better off-roading, towing and hauling capabilities to fit your needs. Here are some of the new and improved features:

Air Suspension This feature reduces drag by automatically lowering the truck when it reaches highway speeds and levels when you pull a trailer or load the bed. You can also choose between two off-road positions that will give you the most ground clearance. The air springs let you raise and lower your truck at each of the four corners of the suspension.

Electric Power Steering Provides a smoother off-roading experience by eliminating the belt-driven hydraulic pump and compensating for drift that is caused by uneven road conditions. It is controlled by a computer and is much quieter than a hydraulic system.

Hemi® V8 This engine provides enough power for all of your hauling and towing needs. It automatically shuts down four of the eight cylinders at cruising speed to improve fuel efficiency. Visit Las Vegas Dodge Ram for more information and options.

Eight-Speed Transmission This is the only light-duty truck in the United States that has an eight-speed transmission. It improves efficiency and provides great acceleration even in low gears.

Center Stack w/ Uconnect® The 8.4-inch touch screen gives access to features such as emergency assistance, voice texting, real-time vehicle performance stats, WiFi and a BingTM search engine. It also includes Bluetooth® connectivity.

Console It has been redesigned to include built-in AUX/USB ports and an SD card slot so you can connect your portable devices while in your vehicle. Not to mention more storage for your needs.

Rambox® This cargo management system is lockable, drainable and even has lights so you can see in the dark. It is located on one side of the bed and can be accessed with remote keyless entry for added convenience.

Aero-Dynamics The new Ram 1500 is even more aerodynamic with a redesigned front bumper, flexible air dam and wheel-to-wheel tubular side step. It’s new Active Grill shutters open and close depending on the powertrain’s cooling needs and reduce drag by closing at highway speeds.

Visit Chapman Dodge to drive away with the revitalized Ram 1500.